For nearly 140 years St. Paul Evangelical Church has been a beacon of hope, grace and truth in northeastern Dupage County.  Our roots are deep here in Bloomingdale and our impact over the years has been felt in so many ways.  Out of our congregation has come a former village president, several village officials, lawyers, teachers, and skilled laborers and tradesmen in nearly every industry.

In recent years, our congregation has been faced with many challenges: changes in ministerial and lay leadership, financial difficulties, even occasional decreases in membership numbers.  We’ve seen multiple floods in the fellowship hall, leaks in the roof, electrical issues, stained carpet and even a flood in the atrium.

All of these issues are part of the normal life of a church building--especially one which boasts over 100 years of history.  Care, maintenance and renovation of a large facility like ours is not easy, or inexpensive.  But it is vitally important to the heart of our know the Lord, serve those around us and grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ.


How does the campaign work?

Below you will find a list of projects which the Vision Casting and Strategic Planning Commission together with the Church Council have identified as “key needs” in order to better position our church building and our congregation for future generations of ministry. The ideas listed here are “starting points.” Projects may evolve over time.


We are asking members and friends to consider how they might be able to assist us in gathering funding for the projects included in this list.  We can see several possible funding solutions:

  1. Groups of St. Paul members and friends joining together to fund the cost of a single project.  For example, 10-$500 gifts to complete the Sanctuary Sound/Media Project.

  2. A recurring gift (monthly, perhaps)  given by a group of members/friends to fund a particular project over the course of a predetermined length of time. For example, 15 families giving an additional $25 per month for one year towards the cost of a particular project.

  3. A one-time generous gift to cover the cost of a single project, given by one “family.”

  4. A giving “co-op.” A number of families combine their efforts to fully fund one project. For example, if twelve families were able to give $10K each, the HVAC project could be fully funded.

  5. A recurring gift (monthly, perhaps) to cover the cost of a single project, given by a single family in a predetermined number of “payments”

  6. Securing other sources of funding, for example grants.  A team of church members might take on the task of researching and writing grant proposals for alternate funding sources.


2017 “Major Project” Giving Opportunities List



Preferred Timeline

Estimated Cost

Architectural Drawings/Structural Engineering Report

In order to begin planning for Bathroom revitalization, we need to have architectural drawings and a structural engineering analysis.  This will allow us to get bids and apply for grants.

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

$ 5,000-8,000

Sanctuary Sound/Media

Replace speakers. Add monitors (speakers). Remove and replace sound “snake.” Install new digital microphones. Install new cabinetry for sound equipment. Build “sound booth.” Replace screen/projector with two 70” smart T.V. screens.

Summer 2017

$ 5,000.00

Landscape Revitalization

Repair, restore or recreate landscaping around exterior of the church. New masonry flower/shrub boxes.

Spring 2018

$ 15,000.00

Beecken Room Renovation

Replace flooring with durable-hard surface. Address sound concerns with noise absorbing panels. Update kitchenette.

Fall 2019

$ 12,000.00

Bathroom Renovation/Visitor’s Center

Explore options. Consider Removal of  East Bathrooms/expand West bathrooms into current North atrium. Create new hallway access to North side of building.  Expand/update West bathrooms. Create new “Visitor’s Center.”

Fall/Winter 2019

$ 120,000.00

HVAC Upgrade

Install Central Air Conditioning throughout the building.  Consider upgrade to forced-air heat.  

Fall/Winter 2020

$ 120,000.00